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2 Best Air Fryers

#1 4-in-1 Hot Oven with Air Fryers

Air Fryers

01    4-in-1 Hot Oven with Air Fryers                           $66.99                                  4-in-1 Hot Oven with Air Fry, Roast, Broil, Crisp, Bake Function.

#1 4-in-1 Hot Oven with Air Fryers

  • Best Kitchen Gadgets.
  • A great air fire for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Healthy delicious crispy fried food with 85% less oil and less fat.
  • A 360° hot air circulation system of this airfryer ensures even and fast heating.
  • 8 preset menus include steak, wings, shrimp, fish, snacks, fries, bakes and vegetables to create healthy and delicious meals.
  • Reliable for daily use and an ideal air fryer especially for beginners.
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#2 Air Fryer Toaster Combo

02  Air Fryer Toaster Combo    -9% off $118.93              10 Qt Family Size 14-in-1 Smart Functions

Air Fryer Toaster Combo

#2 14-in-1 Smart Air Fryer Toaster Combo

  • Preset 6 cooking modes and toast, roast, bake, keep warm and dehydrate at the touch of a button on the Air Fryer Toaster Combo.
  • With the Air Fryer Toaster Combo you can cook nutritious healthy food of your choice using little oil.
  • Cooking up to 50% faster, the 14-in-1 function is perfect for your family of 5 to 7.
  • Control the Air Fryer Toaster Combo from a smartphone to cook 1000+ recipes or access voice control of the cooking process via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Air Fryer Toaster Combo includes 6 accessories including air frying basket, wire rack, crumb tray, crisper plate and 2 dehydrating racks to create your favorite meals.
Kitchen Gadgets
Kitchen Gadgets

#3 Smart Oven Air Fryer

03  Smart Oven Air Fryer  $149.99              4 Qt Family Size 12-in-1 Smart Functions, COSORI Brand

Smart Oven Air Fryer

#3 12-in-1 Smart Oven Air Fryer

  • Smart Oven Air Fryer saves time for quick cooking for the family.
  • Smart Oven Air Fryer is good for you or kids to air fry, roast, bake, broil, toast.
  • COSORI Brand Smart Oven Air Fryer can be used completely for family needs or commercial use.
  • Enjoy hands-free control with any AI Assistant that connects.
  • Smart Oven Air Fryer is good for cooking fast and tasty food with 85% less fat than deep fryer.
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Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee Maker 

03 Drip Coffee Maker      $45.99         Brews single serve coffee Maker.

Drip Coffee Maker 

  • Simply brew in a single serve drip coffee maker.
  • Drip Coffee Maker with Travel Tumbler, 12 fluid oz.
  • Make your morning coffee with the push of a button.
  • Brews single serve coffees up to 12 fl oz.
  • Unique drip coffee maker with milk or cream flavor with drip coffee.
  • Great for keeping coffee warm in a stainless-steel travel tumbler.
  • With the permanent filter you can brew your desired amount of freshly ground coffee without any pods or paper filters.
  • The drip coffee maker is designed to make single serves.
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Smart Meat Thermometer – A unique way to prepare quality tested food is the Smart Meat Thermometer.

How long do you keep the meat thermometer?
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